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Hmph. Does anyone realize that we're probably simply amusing him? God, you PC people are a good example of humans. I'm going to ignore this idiot and go along my business, but you guys can go do what you like.

Originally Posted by Todoroki
ok shut up i will explan geez-___- u dont hav to be mad at me. i did nothiblame staf.

i usd to be anoter member here. i was just like all of u until a mod bannd me. i askd y and they nevr ansered!! how is that fair?? sereously. think abot it. they migt ban u next...and i will to if u dont see it my way.

i nevr got bannd at spp. joe like me alot./retards
Shaddup. Thou shalt not seek revenge, even if thou has been scorned. Now, that ain't a pure quote from the bible but try and cool down for a while or you'll never get a second chance on PC. After all, if you tell us which member you were I'll even check out why you were banned. 'til then, don't take it out on all of us but try to be constructive.

Second edit: And I don't like that dact that your giving PC to the mods. After all, PC will die that way and get full of spammers. PLUS, I'm friends with a staff member on another account!