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Well, I did post an RP, not in the other section, but it didn't pass the moderation test. I'm only so non-lazy to type a plot once. =_= That's why you don't see many of my brand. I mean, if anyone wants to -try- to revive any of my old RP's, feel free, but not many of them get past the filter. But I agree, that I forget about slow moving RP's, or RP's with people that incessantly bother my character, or me in general.

And, as for your first question after your good cuss, Yeah. I never had any idea's in the first place, but sometimes had fun making my own idea. I'm not good at typing out plots, whether I've got an idea or not. It usually ends up in a whole bunch of nonsense. =_=

About 23 Actual RP's on the pages. Don't forget the stickies and the moved thread.

What happened to that huge plot we were discussing in the 'ultimate RP' thread? O.O The whole thing in general died?
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