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@ Lily: Thanks for the compliment. I'm so glad to hear that I've made an impact on a reader, even if it's only to scare the crap out of them. (^_^;) As for the names, many of them (aside from the Trio and Imogen, of course) aren't actually important. I just threw them in there to give the other Knights faces. (Although I'm so very tempted to make a few cracks about Hamlet later on.)

@ Paradise: Yep. I didn't know you were here either. XD Thanks for the compliment. ^_^

@ Naminé: Thanks. I've worked hard to make this story unique in the Pokemon fandom. ^_^

As for the trap, if it clears up any confusion, it's supposed to be rigged with an explosive. I'm just a bit reluctant to actually write that, seeing as politics has made me paranoid for Big Brother. (Why it had to be an explosive, I really don't know. Too much Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna, I suppose.)

Also, to answer your question about the Shakespeare allusions, there's actually two reasons for that:

1. The story and the RPG it was based on (i.e. I had created an RPG a year before writing the story of the same name and concept, although there have been a lot of changes to the world and Game since then.) were both always named Midsummer Knights Dream (or something like it). There's no reason for that except that it sounded good at the time. So, when I sat down to write the fic, I thought it would be fitting to change the names of my characters (from the RPG) and places to fit a Shakespeare theme implied by the title. (There's going to be more than just names later on, but I won't get into that.)

2. To see if anyone got the running Easter egg. ^_-
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