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Quote originally posted by shido:
oh i jus noticed yer sig thing mm i have all the pkmn yer missing cept ho-oh XD
Please explain how you managed to find a legit shiny Mew. o_0;

Quote originally posted by MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon:
How are you counting the soft resets u do MM?
I count the number of females with 20HP I see. For each, I add 21.3333 to my total count.

Quote originally posted by MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon:
Edit: I have every pokemon except for Mew, and they are all legitimate.
Is it my fault that Nintendo are pricks and don't tour anywhere near where I live?

Quote originally posted by Yuscrecio:
Hello everyone. I have caught some shinies, and I was wondering if I could join this club. I would be honored if I could and I would most definately look for more shinies! Thank you everyone.
If you'll tell us what they are, then yes.

I'm hatching some old eggs to make room in my Fire Red to continue hunting. No progress with Treecko. I'll get a new Trainer ID each Sunday morning.
Don't want to see another generation drop

I'd rather be a comma than a full stop

latest shiny: Boldore (Oct.30/11)
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