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Some crazy people (like MM and all those who subscribe to his theories) believe that there may be a connection with your Trainer ID and your liklihood of encountering a shiny. I can't really speak for MM, but my guess would be that his getting a new ID number every week has something to do with that.

My sister has loads of crazy little friends in the house - so I'm stuck in my room shiny hunting. Boo-yes, gentlemen (and ladies).

*Gets on teh huntage*

Edit: Yuscrecio, which version(s) did you get those shinies in? And 4 shinies is nothing to scoff at; I hunt frequently and only have 3. Also, posts like, "Yay for shiny pokemon hunting" are happy moral boosters - but double as spam; so let's keep that down. You can conclude posts with outbursts like that, but staying on topic is somewhat expected here (emphisis on "somewhat"). Example:

Woot - shiny hunting is absolute pwnage!

El Fin
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