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...~{★★ HAPPY PAGE 300!! ★★}~...

It's a monumental day in SHC history: we've finally hit Page 300! XD And, thankfully, it's not a spam fiesta like our Pg. 200 milestone... A special thanks goes out to all our dedicated members who've made this club such a great, fun place to be. Keep up the good work, folks! Here's to another awesome 100 pages!

(See ryan, this is NOT spam! ^.^ And what did I say about Page 300? Guess I can only claim the odd hundredth pages... And did I move up at all from bazillionth on your list?)

Back to the subject, I've found a number of strange surprises in my box of random eggs, including a Vulpix I don't recall breeding. I'm pretty sure I've pre-hatched these eggs, so there probably aren't any shinies among them. (well, unless I traded them to another game, but that's not worth the effort)

Quote originally posted by MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon:
Heh, Nintendo has only had two events where I live, the Aurora Ticket download, and the current JAA. But you live in Canada, and I don't think they have events up there.
Ya think? Event Pokémon are not worth bragging about, as their distribution is unfair.

.. Deja vu? The server's just gone dead as I wait for post 7475 to be made...

Quote originally posted by Agent9:
We have MM? It's page 299 from what I've seen.
WTF? What happened to your post? You deleted it? How cruel! *does the same, HA!* Fortunately, I have screenshots:

Don't want to see another generation drop

I'd rather be a comma than a full stop

latest shiny: Boldore (Oct.30/11)
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