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*Pokes the whole SHC*

Yes, this time it IS me, not just some random invisible member lurking in here. Just passing by to say hi and all, that I am STILL alive and that I will only be 100% back and active when D/P comes out, or if I get a Pokémon game before then or something. I´ll stay here for some posts to see how you guys that know me react to this. XD

Well, if you go to Neopets, you will be able to find me around there quite often, so not all is lost!

So, how´s everyone been doing? Nice catches, any Missingno pop by in Ruby or Sapphire?

Now, for the ones who don´t know me...
I´m Runasutaru and I´ve been a member of the SHC since September 2005, nice to meet ya! I went on a kind of hiatus because some months ago a person got into my house and stole my bag which had all my Pokémon games in it, along with the GBAs, so I don´t have much of a way to play it except for ROMs, but ROMs don´t catch my attention nearly as much as real games.
I had two Shiny Tentacruel, both of them female with the ability Liquid Ooze, their names were Jyrvakiryu and Tairikiryu, and it is from that reason that I have the avatar and sig banner you see right now.

So, with my best compliments and wishes of luck, see you in the next posts!

*Lurks around for a bit*

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