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Zara stared at the lake as she entered Petalburg City. She dropped her bags and ran as fast as she could to the blue water. Kylar picked up her stuff, as he and George followed her. A flash of light appeared revealing Mudkip. Mudkip jumped in the water and splashed around, followed by Zara.

She could have waited for us, George complained.

Thats the way girls are.

Kylar and George put down their things, and hopped in the water, with their clothes on.

What took you so long? Zara asked.

We saw Janet! George joked. Zara gasped and jumped into Georges arms, nearly drowning him. He was so skinny he couldnt hold her up.

Hes just playing, Kylar said, taking Zara from George and dropping her the water.

George, you need to grow up! I couldve passed out and drowned in the water, Zara yelled angrily.

You could never drown in this lake, a mysterious voice said. Zara and the others turned and saw the person. It was a small, gray old man. He looked Asian and had an annoying voice,

Who are you? Zara asked.

I am Chai, and I assume you are tourists from Johto, Chai replied.

Uh, no, were from Littleroot Town, George corrected. We just started our Pokmon journey yesterday.

Oh, and you havent heard the tale of The Lake of Petalburg? Chai asked in shock.

The three shrugged curiosly.

Let me tell you, Chai started. It all started years ago, in this very town.

Duh, George said sarcastically.

Let me continue please, Chai said. There was a funeral about to take place, down the street. It was a very honorable minister, who everybody liked and admired. So, as the were carrying his body to the grave, one person dropped the minister into the water.

Uh huh, continue, they said.

Some people say they saw a blue flash of light, or an aura of some sort. But it disappeared quickly. Then, out of the depths of hades, the minister stood up, coughing.

George screamed in horror.

What? Kylar asked, embarrassed.

I just realized there was a dead person in here, George said, getting out of the water.

Well, he must not have been dead if he got out of the water, Kylar said, trying to be logical.

No, he had been pronounced dead a week before the burial. No heartbeat. No pulse. Chai added. Some people say it was the magic Pokmon Water Guardian who brought the minister back to life. Ever since then, everyone who has been in this lake has lived long healthy lives.

Oh, so you must have an emergency supply of this water in your pantry! George said, laughing at his own stupid joke.

Chai rolled his old eyes.

Is that story true? Zara asked, getting out of the pool, and recalling Mudkip.

Of course, but still people wonder how the minister returned to life.

Cool story, Kylar said.

Lets look for the Water Pokmon Guardian! George cried.

No, George, we have to go to the Petalburg gym! We have a tight schedule, Zara reminded George.

Fine, George said sadly.

About time we get going, Kylar said, looking at his waterproof watch.

Goodbye children, Chai said waving as the group headed for the gym.

As they approached the gym, they stopped abruptly. A sharp arrow had jetted right in front of their noses. George passed out.

What was that? Zara asked, trying to pull George to his feet.

An arrow. It came from that direction, Kylar said, pointing to the right. There stood none other than, Imation de Lexmark, equipped with his dummy.

Greetings children, Imation said.

Yeah, hey, Buddy, the dummy, said.

Ugh, howd you get here, again? Zara asked.

Lets skip the chit-chat. Youve hurt me. You will pay! Imation said, throwing a Pokball.

Zangoose appeared. Zangoose, bite that girl! Zangoose slithered up to Zara, and bit her leg.

Zara! George screamed in horror.

Oh no you dont, Kylar said, throwing a Pokball. Poochyena appeared. Bite that Zangoose.

Uh.. George didnt know what to do.

George, take Zara somewhere, get her help! Kylar ordered. Zara was lying on the ground in pain. A tear rolled down her face.

George leaned in and lifted her. Dont worry, Zara. Its gonna be alright. George ran to the center of town. Where to go? He thought. Then he remembered the lake. He ran towards the lake. Zaras blood trickled down her leg. She stopped making noises.

Finally he arrived at the pool. He slowly and carefully got into the water, the nice, clear, blue water. Zaras head hung back, her mouth open. George closed it, took a breath, and went under. George looked around, as the red water surrounded him. He let go of Zara, trusting the old mans story. Then something happened. Something weird. It seemed as if everything bad that had happened had went away, as if his soul was being taken away, and cleansed. Then the feeling went away. He stood up quickly, taking a breath. He felt Zara slap him on the back. ZARA! She had regained her health.

Your leg, its not bleeding! George screamed in amazement.

What? I thought we had gotten out of the pool, Zara said confused.

You dont...remember... George said.

Youre right, would you mind explaining? Zara asked. George looked into the blue water. George, are you okay?

Uh, yeah, sorry.

As George and Zara approached the gym they saw Kylar.

Youre okay? He asked.

I guess, I dont really remember what George said happened. Zara said.

Youre wet...dont tell me... Kylar said as if he was about to freak out.

Yes, George replied.

I told you, Chai said, coming out of the bushes behind them.

Dude, are you a stalker? George asked, freaked out.

The lake healed your friend. The story is true! Chai cried. Ive got to tell my daughters! Chai ran off.

Hey, what happened to Imation, George asked.

I took care of him...

Oh, well, guys, Im tired and I saw a motel down the street, Zara said.

Lets go! George said, and ran off into the horizon.

Get me down, Imation whispered. He was sitting in a tree full of wild Beedrill. Help!

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