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Yay, Haunter Master and MM are on! Hi people!

Anyways, I haven't hunted much, I've been going to parties and over friends houses too much to get any real hunting done. I'm going to try for 1300 tonight. I'm at 1040. Scyther is looking less and less cool every time I see it, and every time I see an Adamant, Naughty, or Lonely Male, I almost yell at it to be Shiny. Adamant seems to have the highest IVs for Scyther, so I'm hoping for a Male Adamant Shiny (that'll require TONS of luck).

Yeah, so I might not go to the river like I thought I would, I'm almost happy. I'll still have time to Shiny Hunt if I don't go. Well, good luck on all of the hunts and I'm rooting for Lady Darkmoon and Shido in the Absol Race *cheers*.

Goodnight Hunters, and welcome Night Hunters!

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