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Okay, could you stop spamming, already? It's really frustrating to have to scroll through pages of nothing, having to pick out what to reply to. I totally can't make heads or tails of the last 7-8 pages, so I'll just say everyone's who asked to join may.

Pkmn Prodigy: Only owners and co-owners can admit new members. Stop. It's on the first page. :/

shiny legendarys: Stop it with the double posting. It's against the rules. Also, don't expect a response to your post in a matter of minutes; it's not a chat room. If there's something new you'd like to say and the last post is one of yours, edit that post. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for you, so if you keep spamming, I will be forced to take action.

Originally Posted by Doopliss
BTW, MetalMario, if your ID is 00000, would it gurantee a shiny after every 8192 encounters?
No. It's random. There is no shiny counter. The one thing I do know about the game's random number generator is that the odds don't change as you go. Even if you've been at a hunt for months, it's as if you've just started. (Just so you know, counting the resets you've done is technically meaningless. It only tells you how deviant from the norm the past was.)

Originally Posted by Tha Pkmn Prodigy
does your ID number have anything to do with the chances of getting a shiny?
Sort of. The ID you see has NOTHING to do with the shiny odds. To explain it in a simple way which people won't misunderstand, another ID, a "shiny ID" is drawn at the same time at the beginning of the game when your trainer ID is drawn. It's a random number between 0 and 8191. For each Pokémon you see, another random number is drawn. If the two match, you have a shiny. (This isn't a very accurate description, but it's enough for the statistics. I'm fed up with people not understanding things when I explain it correctly.)

Originally Posted by shiny legendarys
i am hatching because i dont have a ruby only emerald sapphire and fire red

how do u change the nature on my profile and do u know how to get photos on my replys
cause i want to show my pokemon that i love and have
The same games I have. :p

To place images in a post, enclose the image's URL in [*IMG] tags. I hear if you're a new member, it won't work, so just post a link, using the [*URL] tag. If that won't work for new members, just place the URL in the post. Everyone here should know enough to copy and paste it into the address bar. (You may need to disable URL parsing in the post.)

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