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Skeet: Well, I did think about giving Landser more 'bird-ish' feet. I thought it would be interesting to create a Ground/Flying type though, so I tried to incorporate both Mammal and Neognathae (bird-order) features. Because the head, wings, and tail are definately bird features, and the body already looked more Mammal-ish, I decided to make the feet Mammal-looking as well. I'm working on Landser's evolution right now, and I'm still contemplating what type of feet I want to give it. I'll probably end up making two different versions, and decide which design to keep as the final depending on how each one looks. Thank you for the input!! XD

[Other Updates] Right now I'm also working on an Ice type Yeti PokeMon. The outlining is complete on both the pre-evo and evo. I have to add color, shading, details, etc. but it should be ready for release very soon (hopefully tonight). XD

Also!! If you havn't already, you can add a MegaDex Fan Button to your signature. You can find the two options, along with their codes, in the first post of this thread. Your support is greatly appreciated!! XD
MegaDex: Returning soon?

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