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Originally Posted by ProtrainerEon
What is Hoennshipping again?
The pairing of Ash and May.

And will someone tell me what a beta reader is?
It's a person who is willing to read through a writer's stories to spot mistakes in mechanics, spelling, and/or plotline before the writer submits that story to the public. In other words, they're editors, and as such, they need to know how to be blunt and accurate. No sugar-coated, one-liner reviews in response to fics they're betaing.

Do they help you with your fic before you post it?

If so, I want a beta reader!
It's not an easy job. Trust me. You really have to get in there, and you really need to know the do's and don'ts of writing before even trying. I'm not saying I'm a master either. I'm just saying that I've been a beta in the past, and it was pretty tough. I had to go through everything from proofreading a rough draft for mistakes to sitting down and talking to a person about how to make their ideas work. And sometimes, I'd get the sort of writer who wanted my help but didn't listen to a single thing I said. Other times, I'd beta for a fic that would never be published, meaning I'd spend hours of my time to be there for a writer when at the end of the day, they'd flush that work down the loo.

So, yes. It's tough.

Back on topic, Magma, have you tried writing such a fanfic yourself? Sometimes, the best fanfics in a person's eyes are the ones he writes himself.
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