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Hmm.... I have a few tips here... And I have a feeling I'm going to get my next shiny rather soon.

Ok, dude... I need to ask ya a question... In that game your SR'ing for Magikarp on... You DO know it's alot easier just to get the Old Rod and fish over and over and over again for Magikarps? That's what I was doing and what I've been told. I'm not sure which would be faster, but I would think fishing would be since you have to go through a few screens just to get back in the game when you SR. Fishing, well, you fish, battle, move, fish, battle, etc.... Meh.

Ok... I have another tip that's for anyone, and it's pretty neat, and has REALLY helped me out:

Get a Staryu. Gotta Staryu? Or Starmie? Get one then. With the ability Illuminate. It's kinda better if the Staryu is rather... weak. Mine's Lv. 15. Well, get your Shiny Hunting together, and go out lookin' for shinies. But first, let the Staryu die. Or faint. But keep it in the lead spot, and have your Shiny Hunting Pokemon in the second spot.
With the Staryu up front, even if it's fainted, it will still activate Illuminate, which makes Pokemon appear more. You may not have to have it in the first slot, but I didn't have much results until I did and let it die.
So, what does this do? I'll tell you what it does. In an example.

Ok, like, on LeafGreen... I have my fainted Staryu in the first pokemon slot, and my Lv. 36 Venusaur in the second slot. I'm inside of Pokemon Tower, looking for a Shiny gastly. Now, normally, sometimes, it can be a hassle to get a Pokemon to appear in here. It takes a little longer sometimes for thm to pop-up, I've noticed.
Oh? Yes, I do have a Venusaur, and yes, it does know Sweetscent. Why don't I use it? Because it takes less time to do Illuminate than it does to use Sweetscent! With Sweetscent, I have to go through menus and all that... But with Illuminate, all I do is walk around. How much of a difference is it? I can find a Pokemon in 3 seconds sometimes, and sometimes it only takes a single step to encounter another Pokemon. So there is a difference, and I like it. You don't have to, but in places like those, it sure is helpful, and I've encountered so many gastlies AND Haunters (not to mention a few Cubones along the way) but still no luck.

I've done that mostly, because in a way, Gengar would go nicely currently with my Shinies. Ground moves can't even hit it!
And no luck in Emerald, either.

I'm concerned about my health.. I play the games too much. I've spent so much time, I should have 7 shinies. But now I've got ankle weights, and I wallk around alot when I'm looking for a Shiny. It's neat. And I'm not just sitting there.
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