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God, you're kidding me right? If you DON'T space it people won't even read it so they can rate it. Some, like me, will, but folks are picky about punctuation. I bet some people reading this will automatically not even like the fic because you were so adamant about not spacing UNLESS you have readers. Let me say it again.

YOU WON'T get them if you DON'T space in the first place!

I don't wanna sound mean but that post just made me have to come out with it right then and there. Sorry, but take into account all I've said.

If it's long, tough...spacing matters more. People who "put off" long fics are probably missing a good read. Too bad for them.


As I can see (Trainer Card), you're using a worn out first Pokemon and name. I have faith that you can pull through and give these two some character, in order to set them apart from the rest. Your story skills are decent, but it was missing that "pull" stories should have for readers. If you post, though, I will read it, ok?

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