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Yes, this is being made in RMXP.

Batista, you made no sense to me.

What's new in the world of Acanthite?

A new, and much better weather system has been made. It's much easier to set up teleports now, and it relies on a timer rather than an ongoing event. It's integrated with ccoa's weather effects script, so I was able to customise the rain effect somewhat. RMXP's default rain is disappointingly out of place in a Pokémon game - so I ripped the graphic from Emerald. I then made a system out of common events that would randomly trigger a weather effect, and also be able to hide it if you went indoors - although if it rains, you can still hear the sound effects, just a bit quieter.

Not only does it rain, but you can also now get a full storm, an overcast effect, and a bright sunlight effect (bright sunlight only occurs during the main day phase, never during morning, evening or night). However, if you travel to the snowcapped region, it will not rain or storm - it sometimes snows or even a full scale blizzard may occur with howling wind to complete the effect.

Time for a few shots

I won't bother taking shots of the storm or blizzard as you can scarcely tell the difference between rain or normal snow in a screenshot - it's the speed, direction and sounds that give it away (and the lightning in the case of the storm). Also, cloud isn't that interesting it's just the slight darkening of the screen without an additional effect.





What else? Ah yeah....

Not only is there fame for all the battles you win, but there is reputation, or alignment so to speak, based on the things you do. There's a new feature added to this game. Rather than you following the story, the story follows YOU.

You're given choices throughout the game that dictate whether you are good or evil, whether you assist Team Rocket, either for their or your own gain, or work against them.

You effectively do good or evil missions, and your reputation points change as according. It ranges from -100 to 100; the lower it is, the more evil you are; the higher, the more good. Somewhere in the middle is simply neutral.

The people you meet in game might react differently to you depending on how well known you are and how good or evil you are - you are either respected or feared (or if a person is evil, such as a Rocket, you are respected if you yourself are evil or otherwise treated with contempt).

It's an indicator of which Legendary you will obtain first - the counteracting Legendary will disappear until you have completed the main game.

By the time you face the champion, your reputation score will dictate which of the 7 endings you will see. Oooooh

Thanks to everyone on the team as always, some brilliant ideas and sprites are coming through, and some more cool music from Ivar. Brilliant stuff :D