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Originally Posted by Akitochi
Wow! These are amazing! My favorite has to be Jaspen. I love the shading, very well done - keep up the amazing work! :0
Thanks Akitochi!! Glad you like them. I believe you're the first person to claim Jaspen as their favorite. I finished the Jaspen sprite back in late 2005, but lost the file for a while and just recovered it the other week. Thanks for the comment!! XD

Originally Posted by Typhlomence
Awesome, work. Absolutely, MegaFuz! I reckon Tustalk is better with the petals, gives him more of the grass type look.
I think I like the petal version better too, Typhlomence. It looks like that will be the final version. I appreciate the compliments. XD

[Update!!] Alrighty, I've finished a new sprite tonight. This is a water type I've named Qaspachi. It's a rather lazy Pokemon, often seen lounging in calm river shores or swamps. It's large body generates a great amount of body heat, so it prefers wading in water most of the time to keep cool. Its large mouth cavity is used to catch many small fish to eat at a time. Its body absorbs surrounding water and then sends it back out through the spot on its forehead in the form of powerful water attacks such as Hydro Pump. Drop me a comment with your thoughts on him!! XD

[Update!!] I had a moment to sprite so I did up the pre-evo of Qaspachi that I had sketched out. This line is now complete. The DexPad on Post #1 should be updated very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. XD

[Update!!] Here is the Yeti Pokemon I promised a while back. Its tentative name is Polanche (taken from Polar, Avalance). This creatures ice crystal fists act as clubs, which it uses to pound enemies relentlessly. It will smash until its fists completely shatter off of its body, then re-generates new fists by using the crystals on its chest and back to produce freezing temperatures.

[Update!!] Another new sprite to release here. This is Fongrel's evolution, Craterel. It's a Rock/Ground type and thrashes enemies viciously with its sharp claws and Rock-tipped tail. Packs quite a punch. =P Check him out below and let me know what you think of all the new stuff, please. XD

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