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Originally Posted by zel View Post
Well, I dont know what was the original question you are answering, [ray.z]. Some of the answers seem to fit what I'd answer. I want to have all legendaries, if possible. That means I'd need ways to catch them. Celebi's way seem to be easy to implement, so I could do it in that way. And about Suicune, I doubt I could do it in the original Gold way, so I have another way of get it (and their friends).

Mantine and Hitmonchan? What about'em?

What is TERU-SAMA?. Just wondering...

I want this to have all pokes, that's why Hoenn poke show up (but I made them extremely hard to find, just because the main deal is that this is a gold remake, finding Hoenn poke is just a little add-in)

Part of it was just answered (you were lucky/unlucky). The train warping you to Kanto is not a problem. The problem would be to "show up" the train transporting you to Kanto. I know about the boat thing, but how could I edit the whole scene? Anyway, it's an event a bit farther ahead.

Probably, I'll get some free time this weekend, so I could finally reach the Olivine City (another thing I wanted to say, I plan next beta to just show the basic Olivine City, so you wont be able to enter the lighthouse this time, sorry)

EDIT: Oops, I forgot theotherfreakyguy's question. But Dark Lucario's right, you'd need to patch it again to a clean FR rom (and play it again, I'm always fixing and changing things)

the teru-sama is the original gs ball only found in pokemon gold and silver