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MASTER!!!! -glomptackleclinglick- Long time no see! Yeah, I was tempted to just post up the beast and get it over with. Then I was contemplating the idea of reading other rp threads to see if there are any people on here capible of handling the rp level that I wish to persue and inviting them. And then I realized that I am very short on time for the most part and college has become a nightmare for me. For example, last night alone, I worked for TEN hours on a single lab report for that friggin class. So, this means that my online time will be very limited. I am also contemplating the idea of finding someone willing to help me keep watch over it since it has been FOREVER since I have done any rping of this form. But, once again it dawned on me that I do not know hardly anyone on this site let alone anyone that I could trust with my baby. -Hugs her story- So once again I am going to be stuck regulating the thing on my own, which is fine as long as I can actually get on here. I've also changed it a bit from what you all remember about this rp. For one, there is actually a plot that involves EVERYONE(OMG) and there are actually official bad guy roles! Dear lord, the earth may end soon! ANyway, Infinity has also been given a few tweaks. I am tired of him being the stereotypical silver haired demon thing. (Even though I absolutely adore silver hair) -Sigh- Yeah...Needless to say, it will take me a while to get this thing up and running again.

Also I would like to say that having forms for rping is highly annoying and I dislike them strongly. The only reason that I use them is so that I can determine whether or not someone will live up to my expectations as a roleplayer. And even then I dislike reading them. Honestly, I would rather have someone give me a detailed, well written, and creative introduction to their character then a stupid form. But, alas, I must use them because apparently, paragraph character descriptions are something that a good deal of people are allergic to. This is a really long post. Sheesh. I type way too much for my own good. Perhaps after I finish this paper for Digital Design, I will post up the board and -shudder- make a form.
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