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Quote originally posted by Samson:
wow, looks like it's been a while since someone got the uber award.

congrats, zel. i'll be playing this soon, and trust my picky butt to fill you in on all the major glitches :D.
That's because über was halted by me so I could focus solely on rijonAdventures. That, and the .romhackersweekly concept was meant to replace it but I got bored of it. D:

Congratulations on the award. Granted, if I still wanted to select awards (I'm too busy with my own hack now) I'd definitely pick this for its mapping, dedication, sprite work and all the rest, since I asked Scizz to revive the awards since I couldn't take the time to do it myself. Hell, because of what Scizz did, I'm inspired into contributing to the awards again. :o

Oh, and nice thread presentation (if you don't count the mess of banners). :x

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