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Go for shiny Shuppet... i think Kim is the only person with a shiny fo that pkmn, plus it looks kidna cool >.>

Anyways... no enw shinies.. adn im playing FR again (yippie) oh and yes.. ncie catch there MMSP!! I mean FF** XD

Oi SL i ahve more posts cuz i am in a few clubs.. and in like 3 or more RPs XD
Plus, i occaisonally post in the DCC (quite uncommon though) as well as sometyimes in the Pkmn Games area... with movesets n stuff, or simple Q's.. very very rare tho... i think i should actually learn how to make better MS' cuz then i wouldn't have to bug people on here (Ie. Shane) about my teams >.<
"So you were born,
And it Was a good day.
Some day you'll die,
And that's shame.
But somewhere in the between
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And some day soon, my friends
This ride will come to an end.
But we can't just get in line again"
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