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Okay, this is the OOC thread for the Grand Line. Ask any questions or anything about the- *cough* not yet posted RP here. ;;

Pirate Crew: N/A
Captain: Takato / / / DeathSpector
First Mate: Chiba / / / Niwa
Navigator: Presia / / / Origin
Cook: Domovi / / / Shiney
Doctor: Kaede / / / Bijou
Gunner: Ichigo / / / Mikuru
Shipwright: Jaque / / / Bijou


-RP Begins- Island/Town: First Poster decide's what Town we're in. A few of us may already be in the Crew, (Captain, First Mate) but one or two may newly join. Only one or two though, because we need to get to Logue Town as quickly as possible.

-First Posts-

Jaque= Lost in Cocoyashi, standing at the edge of the marketplace, waiting for crew member's to find him and help him find the ship.
Kaede= In the marketplace, shopping for medicial good's. Mood: Not a happy camper. Advice: Step away, from the Doctor. xD
Chiba= Ultimate Destination: Loguetown, Headed for Jak to offer him some help.
Ichigo= In the marketplace, heading for Jak.
Takato= Somewhere in a random gully with a tabby cat, sword drawn.