Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Legends (working title)
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I love it how those original palettes and map layout are rendered to create a new map. Johto Road looks just like any official route. The idea of linking your new region to Johto is cool! Good job! :D

So when around do you get to even travel Johto Road to Cianwood City, let alone explore the rest of Johto? And will Kanto be included, or parts of it anyway? Also, I think you should change Johto Road's name to a name that sort of combines the name of Johto and your new region!

Don't give up! Do take your time or even a break, but don't entirely stop. This hack will definately make a name foritself in Pokemon Hacking history, and if you put enough effort into it, it will be amoung the greats!

Yay! My (apparently legit) 100th post in Pkmncommunity! I celebrate!