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Just to let everyone know, the demo is almost ready. I'm just adding the finishing touches, fixing bugs and editing some battles. It will be ready, latest Thursday.

Until then, here is an updated list of towns/routes and there progress.

Sunset Peninsula: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
Briarsedge Town: 100% Last Update: 01/01/07
Cyan City: 90% Last Update: 01/01/07
Cianwood City: 60% Last Update: 01/02/07
Olivine City: 0% Last Update: Never
Route 1: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
Route 3: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
Route 4: 100% Last Update: 12/28/06
Briar Woods: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
Johto Valley: 100% Last Update: 12/30/06
Mt.Sedge: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
Underwater Caves: 95% Last Update: Currently Working On
-Added Team Rocket battles
-Added Imposter Oak Battle
-Added Giovanni Battle
-Added real Prof. Oak event
-Finished mapping
-Added Items

The only real updates were for the Underwater Caves.

Thanks, Scompi.