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Originally Posted by The Boss Giovanni
.......anyway nice hack Zel you deserve that award :D
Award? Let's hope it's the Best of 2007! :D

Originally Posted by zel
The fun part of it is that they have their own unique characteristics, so it's always fun to make more.
And more are coming! (The next one will be a girl thief who always hangs around with a P... I said nothing!)
Really?! The numbers of rivals keep how much to plan to have, or will the list just grow? Unless...the rivals each have different characteristics which are based on each of the natures of the Pokemon! (But that would be...24 or something?)

Originally Posted by Slize
You're right!

I posted one link to my map, but I have 15 posts now, so here you go again:

BMP Format
The map's the best one I've seen so far. Good job Slize! Hopefully Zel could use your map in his hack...wouldn't that be great?