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Welcome to Pokémon Metropolis!

1. Why to start a new thread?

It was the intention of Pkmn Metropolis Team to create a new thread a long time ago, since the old one was created by Rm2k3kid and Krazy_Meerkat with the purpose of finding people willing to continue the game. However, we didn't want to act like most of people, that just rushes things up, making a new thread for their games and one week later the game is discontinued.

We kept our updates slow but constant, always keeping things on the background. But now, we have enough to show you, so I present our game: POKéMON Metropolis!

2. Project history

This game was originally started by Rm2k3kid and Krazy_Meerkat, but it got discontinued, for reasons out of my knowledge. It was passed down to me, always having backup from the original creators.

Although I could script very well, I lack mapping and spriting abilities. So I needed a mapper/spriter. The answer came to me in the best way possible: Yuka (aka ~Heart) offered her help with 'anything I needed'. Since that time, we're working together and giving our best on finishing this game.

3. Story

Since we want to keep most of the story a surprise, for when you play the real game, we'll just give a basic storyline, so you can catch up what's going on and where's the adventure going to.

Note: all names presented here may change.

After a boring day at school, our hero/ine is told by Professor Maple to stop by her lab later. That's the day you expected your whole life: the day to get a Pokémon and start a journey.

In your way home, you see your rival, showing off a Pokémon of his own, talking about it's greatness. He soon sees you and start pointing out how 'loser' your are, for not having one yet.

After being mocked by everyone, the hero goes for a walk in the forest nearby, thinking on how cool would it be to have a Pokémon. Then, just like if fate had put it there, he finds an Pokémon egg. However, even happy to have find an abandoned egg, our hero doesn't have too much time to think of it, as he sees his rival battling with someone...

I guess that's ok to keep you interested for now.
I'm pretty sure you'll all love this game.

4. Features

For those that were reading the updates in the old thread, you know that we've got some nice features. For those of you who are getting to know the game now, here's a list of somethings you'll find:

* Custom tiles, characters and Pokémons;
* Improved GBA's battle system, following the same style;
* Daytime system, with five different day periods (Morning, day, afternoon, evening and night), with Pokémons and events appearing/happening only on certain hours;
* Possibility to toggle between Real Time and 5h/day;
* Naming system exactly as seen on GBA;
* Possibility to travel between Regions, with different mini-quests and Pokémon;
* View and team up with characters from the Manga series;
* Find and collect unique Pokémons with unique sprites (like Flying Pikachu, from the Trading Card Game);
* Tournaments with different battle style;
* An awesome storyline, filled with surprises, twists and excitement;

And well, much more. We wouldn't like to spoil any surprises, would we?

5. Screenshots

The ultimate Metropolis' screenshot collection:












Here's some of the screenshots from the old thread. Some of them might be outdated, but we'll update as time passes.

6. Game preview

Game previews:

Preview I:

Preview II:

Preview III:

7. Credits

Story/ideas: Krazy_Meerkat, Rm2k3kid, Yuka and ~Azura
Maps: mostly Yuka and Rm2k3kid, minor fixes by ~Azura
Sprites: Yuka, Avatar
Scripts: ~Azura

(Did I forget you? PM me! Do you think we may have a credit issue? PM me!)

8. Special thanks

* To the original creators, for giving us the chance of finishing this game
* To all people who support/ed this game

~The Pokémon Metropolis Team.
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Thread returning soon, don't worry!

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