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All that time i have been away was because i had forgotten my pass and the email that the peeps were meant 2 send 2 me wouldn't come through :'( but i eventualy found a previous pass and got in

The 2 new shineys are a pikachu (that is a draw in favourite with my lvl 100 zapdos lol and the pikachu is only lvl 39 lol) and a caterpie lvl 4

I am currently hoping i will get a shiney charmander... i reset my FR just for it (that my bad version of the game i only made it up 2 mt moon my LG is better) I have like tried 100 times i am getting tired of it now... i am wondering if you can even get it from Proffeser oak...

Can you?

That makes 4 shineys! *dances* yeah woohoo!
They are:
and Caterpie
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