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Originally Posted by ~Fufu3000~ View Post
I wonder when it'll be my turn to find another shiny...

Anyways, I have a strong doubt that I'll be getting this shiny Beldum anytime soon, so I'm thinking of resetting my Sapphire to use it to reset for a shiny Jirachi(I have the Colosseum Bonus Disk). Do you guys think I should?

Since I'm not going to school today(leg is hurting again) I'll focus on resetting for Squirtle and Torchic. I'm tired of just "playing" through, and the longer I have to soft reset for these two, the more and more my anxiety of playing through will build up. After I get shiny Torchic, my next target on Emerald will probably be Anorith.
Darn you, you have enough shiny pokemon! just joking you can never have enough of a good thing (don't listen to your parents) anyways I don't really know what to look for now. I was thinking these would be my choices: Absol,Sableye,and magnemite. I like magnemite/magneton a lot but I don't know after seeing a couple of them i get mad at them. I feel as if they should be on my fridge instead of wondering around in a power plant/new mauville and as for sableye i like it but not too much. I guess absol looks the coolest but it is sort of rare and I don't think i have a good chance of finding it. I'm still undecided for any pokemon to hunt for. what do you guys think? I think absol would be my best choice because even if I don't find it I might end up finding a shiny kecleon. Still not decided yet anyways I wish you all good luck on your hunts.

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