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Quote originally posted by Superkid11:
ScriptED won't work for me. I try to veiw something's script in Elitemap but it doesn't show anything...
Some scripts won't load with ScriptED. Messages and short scripts do.

Quote originally posted by userpr:
yeah 1)im having problems with rs ball, when ever i try dumping the gfx bank or even look at trainer/pokemon backpicks it says: trainer/pokemon backpics location is not specified in INI. how can i fix this and if its not fixable is there another program that can do this for me.
2) In advance-map whenever i try making a new map it just overwrites already existing maps, so am I doing anything wrong or what?
thats all for now thanks in advance and if it makes any difference im working on emerald.
1. The pkmn backpics should have been extracted, you can't extract trainer backpics.

2. Create a new map with Advance Map and finish it. Then choose "Insert" and insert it in a new spot.

Quote originally posted by Deokishisu:
The thing is... that event was nowhere near where it was duplicated. It wasn't near the edges of the map. (Does 10 tiles away count?) I don't know what to do but edit the map to make the connection farther away from that area and I don't want to do that unless neccessary. Is there any way it can be fixed?
Can you show me a screenshot of the duplicated event?
In the top and bottom edges 5 blocks and left and right edges 7 blocks.