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ill have to say 16 and 7 are my favorites and also interested in seeing and evo from 25 hopefully a 3rd evo after but good spriting
halfdeadNC: Number 25 have an evolution which is called Hydragon, but it is it's only evolution. I have made a spirit of it, but it's the most terrible thing ever, plus it is to big. But I will soon try to make him into a DP sprite.

10 - Clearly Rattata just made brown and added a beaver tail.
11 - Raticate just with a platypus beak and tail.
28 - Charmander colored purple.
Death Rogers: You have pointed out those that I am most not happy about (god, I don't know english anymore O.o) and I really want to change them, but don't know how. Beavy and Platipow is just what you say, a Rattata coloured brown with smaller ears and a beaver tail, and a Raticate with a beak and a beaver tail. And #28 is just a Charmander coloured purple. I really want to change them, and I have an idea how to change the purple one (it's evolution(s) will show bigger difference from charmander) but number 10 and 11 I really don't know how to change. If you have an idea, please let me know.

Amazing!!! Two thumbs up. I really like #011, and #043, but there all great.
Captain Arcane: Thank you. Many people really like Viroxy(#43), but I dunno why. It actually is a 1 Stage, and has a Basic fakemon under called Couflu.

[QUOTE]in the #011 and #028 i cn identify some pokemons, apart from that they r completly "new"QUOTE]
Keytachi: Just as Death Rogers you have noticed raticate and charmander. I will change them more when I make them into DP sprites. Thanks you.

they look wikid man! unbelieveably wikid!
zak: Thank you. I'm glad you like them.

Wow! Those are some pretty nice sprites you've got there! Even though I can tell which Pokemon you fused/recolored, you actually did a good job of that! My favorite is number 7. Keep it up!
Blaziken626: Wow thank you. But I have a question; why do you like #7? Since that is one of those I really don't like and thinking of replacing. Just seems so wrong in some way.

NOTE: I am currently working on a tutorial for how I do my sprites. I hope it will be up sometime next week. It futures our all number 43; Viroxy. This is with the new sprites for DP, which is a little bigger than the old ones. I hope you will all like it. Thank you for all the C&C.