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Originally Posted by chibaymaga12 View Post
Alright guys, the butt kissing is cool and all and im sure zel appriciates it, but lets get back to Discussing the hack.
Anyways, zel what kind of pokemon will ashlee have besides her evil pikachu, will she have a themed team? Will she have like all evil pokemon or maybe the shiny versions of pokemon that look evil if you can figure the shiny scripting out. It'd be pretty cool for her to have a shiny charizard, it looks pretty evil
Well, he said she was a thief. In the original games, thieves had Fire type based teams, so maybe she'll have fire, I mean, besides that pikachu. I think it should be fire, there aren't enough fire trainers in games. I love fire training, fire is one of my favorite pokemon types. But, we don't know. So I do want to know the answer to your question as well, chibay.