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Originally Posted by Irish Witch View Post
(using advanced map)

If you set the persons people id to the value you use for your setflag command they should disapear.
Dont used flags in the 0x300 range though!

Also note, the applymovement command refers to the the 'people' number not the event number!

the attached text file lists all the movements (to my knowledge) and the numbers refer to the amount of cycles for that movement. ie left4 is 4 moves per 'cycle', 1 is 1 move per 'cycle' and 0 no move!

I have yet to find a straight answer as to how long a 'cycle' is though!

How this works is if you are facing up then left1 is the equvelent of tapping left (you turn left) left2 = two taps (turn left, step left) etc etc.


I think there's a command called waitmovement that will pause the script until the character stops moving????
- EDIT -
Found it! Pausemove 0x0 will make the script wait for all movement scripts to stop!
Under scripted it may also be listed as wait 0x0
Ofcourse i already tried those commands, but those commands are R/S/E only.
I need the FR/LG commands.