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Originally Posted by PokeCreator_09 View Post
Okay, first let me say I haven't played the demo yet cause I've been busy, but I plan to. But from what I've seen from the screenshots the game needs alot of work.

Pace yourself. Instead of releasing a demo 2 with all of that stuff, focus on making everything in the first demo perfect. I mean, come on, If you have the battle system 100% done, It'll take you about two weeks to finish it. Maybe start a battle system, show one or two battles, but don't rush it.

Also, the biggest problem I'd say are the graphics. If you need help I can help you with them. Are you using self-ripped images or D-mans? If I can ever get passed the little intro at the start of the rom, I plan on ripping all the stuff myself, but that might take a while.
Okay... I already have the rom on an emulator. It works but it is way to slow. A least 1 min to make 3 steps. For the battle system, I need a person that knows how to script. Right now, I focusing on Demo #2. I am not remaking the first one because I want to show people that the demo #2 will be better.
If you want to help that game, go ahead. If you have MSN, you can add me at: [email protected]


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