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Quote originally posted by Killer-Swift:
Cool. Percult looks better now. Although I'm not quite sure if I saw the prob in the first place. ;D

Also, the Bokruge looks pretty cool, however, the arms look short IMO.

And *sigh* you made a *sigh* "Kawaii" pokemon. >O But it isn't cute ;D
You better make evo's of it tho... or else Kyle will be dissapointed in you! But ignoring the fact that it is "cute", you did a good job with this one as well Fuzzy! So good job and keep the hard work up! =D
No fear. The evolution is here. ;D

Quote originally posted by Goatman56:
Awesome job you're doing MegaFuz. Losko and Stumber are just awesome, love them both. Keep it up :D.
Thanks, man. I appreciate your support. XD

[Update!!] Finished up the final touches on Losko's evolution, Loskill. Check him out below and let me know watcha think, please!

MegaDex: Returning soon?

This is where I'd post my PC family if any of them were still here. D:
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