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Quote originally posted by Dogboy2709:
Needed do i, i want to make an Extra Warp in Prof. Birch Lab. and i really don't understand it.
I could help you with the warp, but, does it warp to an existing map, or to one you created from scratch?

Quote originally posted by Tony Resta : English Boss:
Hi, i have a problem, ive added a new house to pallet town and ive made it so it can warp you to the interior of a house in viridian, everything works fine BUT the problem is that when i get out of the house, it spawns m in viridian and not pallet, how do i make it spawn me in pallet?
You would need to change the bank/map of the warps in the house to match those of Pallet Town's, and not Viridian City's.

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