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Originally Posted by The Dash View Post
Actually, yes one man can. I've made 3 online games using Elysium and systems like it. All of them had custom systems and the like, there is no reason why you can't do the same.
Dash... Shut up.

Anyhow, I am going to put up my opinion here, and this is not pointing directly to Dash, but some other members as well, I won't name them, but all of them know who they are...

Some time ago when we didn't have that much "expert" game makers nobody complained on the amount of "n00b" games, probably because there weren't that much good ones, honor to the exceptions. But then these "expert" game makers came and started attacking "n00b" games... Because they asked for help... Ok, the help they wanted was really something, I mean it is supposed to be your game... But, still, all of that was around even before they came. What troubles me the most is that almost all of them, again honor to the exceptions, have no proof of their "expertise". But still they are considered experts. Plus, they make it their right to put it in your face that they are better than you and you should leave because you don't have the chance to survive with all those "beasts" around. It seems that all of them have forgotten that everybody was a n00b, including them, and probably if someone didn't encourage them they would still be n00bs... So please stop attacking newbies, because who knows, maybe you are attacking the next Dawson, or the next Neo-Dragon... So don't eliminate the competition by saying that you are better, eliminate it by being better.
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