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Hack of: FireRed

You are a member of Team Rocket, just assigned an important mission by your Leader, Giovanni.
It's a whole new adventure, when you enter the hectic life of Team Rocket.
Everything changes with your new profile. Nurse Joy won't let you heal your pokemon, and people attack you when you enter their houses.
Even the Police are out to get you, every step of the way.

- Altered Maps
- New Tilesets (Unlikely)
- Diamond and Pearl Pokemon
- New Adventure
- New Goals (No Badges!)
- And much more!

Wanna See Some Screenshots?

Need a Support Banner?

Updates will go here, including eventual downloads and stuff.
Wonder what is going on right now?
I'm fixing up scripts in the beggining and shortly after the beggining, so I can eventually release my 1st Beta.
Meanwhile, I'm working on the 2nd "Goal". Mapping is almost finished for it, (90%), but, scripting, and events still have to be made, and lots of other editing.

Wondering Who is Making This Hack?

Leader: EarthsVisitor
Personal Assistant: Erimgard
Spriter(s): BACOON
Scripter(s): TheTheThe
Text Editor(s): Girafarig, Necrod
Mapper(s): SerenadeDS
OWs Editor(s): Speedonh, Maewa
Super Beta Tester: Erimgard, Friend of Mine.
Story/Idea Director(s): Erimgard, TheDasuri
Beta Tester(s): ooka_100, Dogboy2709, theotherfreakyguy, dirk123
Sub Beta Tester: Maewa, BACOON
Everything Else: EarthsVisitor

If you would like to help in production, give me a PM or post here.
I will not be needing any more Beta Testers though.

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