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Chapter 1

Black Jack is now on a path to the Hoenn League Stadium, where strong trainers gather to compete to become the next Hoenn League champion. But he was not interested in becoming Hoenn League champion; he is only interested in smashing heads.

Over the passed number of weeks, he kept on thinking about whom or what has spoke to him in his mind when he and Mewtwo fought against each other.

Upon arrival, a lot of people soon recognised him and ran over to him, asking for his autographs and photos. Oh shoot! he thought. How do these people know me?

Pokemon fans surrounded Black Jack and he felt like he was being forced to sign autographs. But luckily for him, a police officer blew her whistle for their attention.

Alright! she ordered. Whats going on here?
Let me guess, Black Jack said. Youre Officer Jenny right? Not that Im looking for you.
Ah, Black Jack, you must be the man who helped saved the children from the Rocket Revengers.
Oh no, dont mention them. Makes me wanna puke.
Why are you here?
To look for some real challenges.
Are you qualified?
My winning streak is 2000-0.
Only competitors are allowed in the league if they have at least eight gym badges from the Hoenn region. Do you have at least eight gym badges?
I lost count on that. Let me see.

Black Jack reached down his jacket pocket and took out small black bag, which is full of different badges from different regions that he visited. The crowd gasped with amazement. Hes overqualified! shouted one of them.

Is that the famous Black Jack Im looking at? asked a voice.
Yep, I am Black Jack. But I wish I wasnt famous, Black Jack replied, as he turned round to look at the person who asked the question.

To his surprise, he is looking at Hoenns current champion and the youngest pokemon master. That pokemon master happened to be none other than

Ash Ketchum, said Black Jack.
Pleasure to finally meet ya, Ash replied as he and Black Jack shook hands.
Pikachu, Pikachu said, who was riding on Ashs hand.
Yep, Black Jack said as he shook Pikachus paw. And you as well.
Thinking about joining the tournament? Ash asked.
Maybe, Black Jack replied. But I have no interest in becoming champion or becoming a pokemon master. Im just here to look for some heads to smash.

Ash gave a confident smile. Black Jack soon realised what that meant. Youre joining too, huh? he asked.
Yep, Ash replied. I was invited back to defend my title. Perhaps you didnt know that I was going to participate until now.

Oh ho, said another voice, only this time it sounded from a guy more arrogant.

Black Jack turned around to see a man with blond shoulder length hair. He was wearing a designer shirt, trousers* and black gloves. Let me guess, the man said. Black Jack isnt it? The most talked about guy in the Hoenn region next to Ketchum. If theres one guy that people should be talking about, its me.

(*: Trousers are called pants in America)

Ash doesnt seem to like that mans attitude. Who are you?
You dont know who I am? replied the man in an arrogant tone. Im gonna tell you who I am before I take that championship away from you. The name is Chris Jolteon.
Chris Jolteon, eh? Black Jack said. Did your mum name you that or is that the best you can do for a stupid persona?
Youre now asking for it, punk! Chris Jolteon yelled. Dont you know what I did to get here? I travelled all around the world defeating trainers and gym leaders non-stop! I collected more pokemon than anyone collected stamps! I became part of TV shows and movies! I have done everything!

While Jolteon kept on boasting, Black Jack and the others were becoming bored of him. But there are two things that I have not done! he continued. Is kick Black Jacks or Ketchums butt in a pokemon battle!

Black Jack smiled evilly when Jolteon mentioned pokemon battle, as he knew whats coming.

So, answer me, Black Jack, Jolteon demanded. You and me, any round. What do you say?
Officially, Black Jack replied. I accept your match. This tournament is gonna take pokemon battling to a whole new level.
Too right! I will show everyone that I am more charismatic, more skilful and more stronger than anybody! No one will be comparing me to anybody else!
You can keep thinking that way, kid, but Im just gonna show you something that you have never received no mercy.

As everyone watched, Black Jack turned round to enter the Hoenn League stadium to sign up for the tournament.

More coming! Send your comments please!
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