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Originally Posted by ze_gobou View Post
"To always be a little childish is to be truly mature"... Who was it said by ? Seems like it's talking about me
Ehh...can't recall the source for that one (although I do remember being given one). It's just a quotation one of my old teachers gave me and since I liked it I've kept it. xD
Originally Posted by ze_gobou View Post
Thank you for your answer... and well, I didn't say what would be myanswer. I would never call a character Gary-Stu because I'm too obsessed with Gary in the anime everytime I think of this name.
About Mary-Sue... well, I thought of turning what I call "my own Mary-Sue" (just what I wish I were, some kind of godly, attractive [female] superhero...) into a fanfiction character, I think it would be an antagonist. Some kind of cold, fascinating villain. But I know I wouldn't be able to make her comical.
Cold, fascinating villain? Do remember that Mary-Sues are sweet and lovable by nature (It's part of their definition to have everyone love them, even though - in practice - most people hate Mary-Sues at least a little. ;3), hence why they're hard to turn into serious villains. A 'perfect' character acting in a 'perfect' way amongst imperfect characters (and being judged by their standards) on the other hand has some pretty simple comic potential. But yeah, I guess a Mary-Sue could be a villain if it happened for a very corny, clichéd and sappy goody two-shoesy reason. xD
Originally Posted by ze_gobou View Post
But aren't we supposed to plan our story before we post it ?
EDIT : I mean, in order to avoid such situations ?
Technically, yes. But suppose you've been writing on a good idea (which seems to be well-planed) and have gone far into the writing process (maybe even posted part of it) only to find that - once you get to the middle of the big conflict - you have no plausible means of getting your main character(s) out of it? Sometimes a small cliché is less painful than a massive rewrite. ^-^
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