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I have...

3x Blaziken EX
3x Swbepert EX
3x Sceptile EX
5x Suicune EX
1x Entie EX
1x Cradily EX
1x Raikou EX
3x Rayquaza EX
3x Latios EX
2x Latias EX
2x bepharos EX
3x Muk EX
3x Magmar EX
2x Aggron EX
5x Sneasel EX .
1x Typhlosion EX
2x Raichu EX
1x Golem EX
3x Lapras EX
4x Electabuzz EX
3x Magridego EX
3x Kngdra EX
2x Kabutaps EX
3x Mewtwo EX
3x Scythar EX
3x Wailord EX
2x Gardevoir EX
3x Aerodactyl EX
2x Hitmonchan EX
1x Chansey EX

So um 76 EXs. If you don't believe me I suppose I can post a scan of as dawgy of tham as I can fit on mah scanner bed n one shot. I wonder if I be missng any. I don't even feel like fndng out...
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