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Sprite topic a-go-go time!

worst opener ever.

Anyways, I'm going to begin with some of my older sprites.

And these are very old. As in, THIRD GEN OLD.



Well, some of them are fourth gen, but they're from last year, so enjoy.


Made this for a contest over at TCoD a year ago (when and if anyone actually remembers me ).
-> ->
Yanpoke -> Yanbro -> Yanking
Personally, one of my favorite splice lines. Well, until my friend made a stupid joke about "Yanking"...=_=

I know it's nothing special, but at least it looks cute.

A cute little Bidoof fix-up I made before anyone got their hands on a Bidoof sprite. I think it looks great.
-> ->
Treegon -> Shelvyle -> Sceptamence
I don't know why, but I really love this line. It's just so...Grass/Dragonish...o_o

Mmm, bananas, mmm...


Ah, yes. Chirachi. One of my first sprites. I love this little guy so much.

Uh, yeah. Toasty.
Piglet -> Pikatrio
Yeah, ABSOLutely rediculous. But funny.

Miking Jr.
Trust me, the name Maneking sounds a lot better.

I made this back when I thought Kricketot was cool (since it was just announced)...*burns all Kricketots in the world*

Victrivine here's the combination of two Jamesavores...Beware, James!

Hmm, the number one tank plus about an extra 200 HP and defense...Uh-oh, I've done it now...
Bonrubi -> Cheriwoodo
SO original...


Rest assured that I'm going to remain active. School's over on the 20th, but I still have to find time to sprite in between tennis, my Wii, Ouendan 2, Pokemon Diamond/Emerald, my social life, and my other DS games.

I sprite fairly often, so this won't die easily. ;3