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Quote originally posted by Philbro:
Nice Pics. Anyone gd at making banners so we can all stick something in are sig?
Thanks and I can't make banners.

Quote originally posted by Jimz ♂:
I'm good at Userbars and OK at banners, Nothing compared to some Banners I've seen here though.
Okay and which Pokemon do you use for the userbar, Jimz ♂?

Quote originally posted by Jimz ♂:
Shall I make a Userbar? They're a lot smaller and more Professional looking and eye catching. I'll barrage this Club with a new Topic and a million pics tommorow BTW What about a weekly task too? That'd be amusing. (E.G Find a few Pictures of a Starter doing something Special. Something Like Totodile Dancing or Turtwig Using Razor Leaf :\ )
Sure, you can make a userbar and a banner too.
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