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If you ever wanted to change items in Pokéballs and the quantity here is how you do it!

What you will need!
1. A Pokémon Advance Rom (der)
2. AdvanceMap or EliteMap
3. A copy of HexWorkShop

Let's Start

1. Open rom in AdvanceMap or EliteMap
2. Pick the item you want to edit say the Pokéball in Viridian City copy the Script Offset in this case it's "1BEB8C".
3. Open rom in HexWorkShop and click on "EDIT" then "GOTO" enter the offset then click "GO".
4. You will see this.

5. In the blue is the Hex for a potion which is "0D00" and in the green is the Hex for Quantity which is "0100".
6. Change the "0D00" to "0100" and the "0100" to "6400" so now when you pick up the Pokéball in Viridian City you now get 100 Masterballs.

Hope this helps you!