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Well looks like the server is back up. Now I can get back to testing.

Bugs found:
  • Before the server went down before and I would enter a battle it would let me attack but when I got them low it would only let me use a ball to capture them (which I didn't have any). Now when I wander around in the grass it just says "ENEMY ENCOUNTER!" and nothing else happens.
  • When I could actually battle that It would say "Squirtle Attack!" when I pushed control to attack, but it also says it outside of battle too. Is this intended?
  • When I type "/help" for the list of commands I tested out all the commands to see if they worked/what they did. I found that "/train" comes up saying "Thats not a valid command!"
  • Not sure if this is a bug or the end of beta, but it doesn't allow you to pass through Route 5. I assume this is the end of the beta, but I mine as well report it just in case.
  • Found 2 map glitches: