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Originally Posted by rithwik View Post
Ya tutti, good work, it must have paid of after u hard work for an.. year. Ya, the tree tops above the water r kinda cut of.:\
Originally Posted by Wuggles View Post
very nice screens!
good work tutti, but 1 thing.. the treetops above the water
Yes I know that problem. It's a not so easy to fix that problem.

Originally Posted by nrox653 View Post
Cool, I thought this hack was totally dead. It's nice to see a GSC remake every once in a while that has a little twist to it

So will you give us a hint approximately when a beta will be released? Or is it just going to be released when the whole thing's finished?
No my will never be dead =)
Well a beta is still in progress. I have to work a lot on the scripts and that will take time.
Everything comes to an end....
But what will be in the future???
I don't know...