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I will make myself inactive around here for a while...My life itself is getting too **** frustrating, and the burden of going to the Trivia and Games forum everyday to see if everyone is following the rules properly is getting to be an annoyance to the point that I don't even wanna come here anymore...

I hope I will be back within the next month, but I just need a little bit of time to relax and not worry about being a mod...besides, doesn't your average teenage pokfan need time away from the Internet to meet gurls?
The sea is an irreplaceable treasure for every living thing on this planet. But with our selfish extravagance, humanity dirties the great ocean, destroying this source of all life... Day by day, we're all destroying our most precious resource! If we humans suffer from our actions, well, maybe we'll end up getting what we deserve. But what about the Pokémon in our world? The Pokémon that no longer have a place to live because we stole and soiled their seas? The Pokémon that won't have a place to raise their young and watch them grow? We are creating a world in which innocent Pokémon suffer as a result of our actions... And that is something that I can't forgive! That's why I came to a decision, see? The foolish actions of my fellow humans, the seas we have blighted, nature itself... I will return everything to its unspoiled beginnings!
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