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Quote originally posted by AngelicExcalibur:
Well, since the Johto region seems to be primarily covered in snow, would it be more likely to find a Sneasal or Snorunt in the wild rather than your average Pidgey or Ratata? This would make it a bit more interesting when it comes to a few of the gyms (Whitney with her damned Rollout loving Miltank for example).

I don't know, where what kind of Pokemon will be catchable. But i think, Ratata or Pidgey will also be catchable on the snowy routes.

Quote originally posted by KebaSun:
woah those screens are nice:D I reall wanna see this new thing that have never been in advance hack before
You will see it an in few month.

Quote originally posted by ROMHACKER:
Seem like it will be a great game have you started translating it yet Tutti?
No. At the moment, we are working on Scripta$$. It's a scriptingtool, but the basic scripts for the hack are in progress. And if the first german beta is available, i'll start the translation.

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