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I'd take Brock's Blace, my name would be Trevor, my gym would youse pokemon that you find in the moutains and Caves. Also if you can change it my TM is Earthquake
My pokemon would be:
Nidoking: Earhtquake, Focus Energy, Horn Drill, Return
Nidoqueen: Body SLam, Growl, Mega Punch, Return
Onix: Rock Slide, Screech, Iron Tail, Dig
Rhydon: Earthquake, Strength, Screech, Dynamic Punch
Crobat: Fly, Swager, Wing Attack, Giga Drain
Pupitar: Rock Slide, Swager, Hiden Power, Dig

Hicker Jack
Machamp: Dynamic Punch, Focus Energy, Cross Chop, Thunder Punch
Ursaring: Slash, Rest, Snore, Return
Clefable: Metrenome, Hyper Beam, Flash, Thunder
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