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Quote originally posted by magnetflygon:
I have a slight problem with the Overworld editor, whenever I try to open a ruby or sapphire rom it gives me an error which says "Error 63 (Bad Record Number) in procedure LoadSpriteStructure of frmOverworldEditor".
I'm sure that you aren't using the version 1.0 of the ROMs, probably you have v1.1 or 1.2 instead. To solve the problem you can do the following:
  • use the version 1.0 of the ROM. To check the version you can use RHEA;
  • replace the offsets contained in the "Sprites.ini" file with the appropriate ones for v1.1/1.2.

P.S. This error happens only with English ROMs. Versions 1.1/1.2 in other languages have the same offsets and therefore they will work fine.
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