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Okay I want to know how to put the ruby sprites in advance map so I can put them in fire red. I know they are already in fire red but only for the battles and not outside.
Now I'm sure as soon as I post this someone will post again with a better method... Technology. Anyway, here it goes.
1. Open up Spread (Comes with Elitemap)
2. Find the Ruby/Sapphire sprite you want online.
3. Open a paint document and paste the sprite you found, magnify it to 8x.

4. Go to the sprite you want to edit in Spread, and pixel by pixel change it to the new one.

This may take some time, and I'm sure there is probably a program to insert new sprites, but this is how I do it.
I've heard Tilemolester is good to insert the sprites directly, but then it would take some explaining on how to get the right format and pallet, and this way is easier to start off with.

Is there another program like RSball that works with leafgreen and firred?
I'm assuming you want to use this for PET, correct? Now, if your hacking FireRed this will be easy, just open up your Rom in RSball, go to trainers (or pokemon) and hit "Dump GFX bank". Now, just open PET and it will work. However, if you are hacking Leaf-Green, you cannot dump GFX with it. Instead, dump it with a Fire-Red rom and then open up your Leaf-Green rom in PET. It should work now.