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Hello, all. Well, I was previously posting this story here (like three years ago XP), but since then, I've done much editing and revising... and I ended up finishing the whole thing this summer. Also, I'd rather not revive a thread that old, since even the title has changed (It's practically a different fic now). So, I thought I'd post the nearly-finalized work. I hope you enjoy it! Please read and review if you get the chance. It always helps.

Quick info-
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 for some mild swearing and violence

Chapter Index
Chapter 1: The Clever Girl Who Made Mistakes
Chapter 2: Oleander The Brave & Varlo The Terrible
Chapter 3: Colors of Destiny
Chapter 4: Diversion by a Persian
Chapter 5: The Starlight Guardians
Chapter 6: The Tunnel of Fire
Chapter 7: The Mysterious Captive
Chapter 8: Battle in The Enemy's Lair
Chapter 9: The Decision
Chapter 10: Secrets of The Future
Chapter 11: The Eyes That See
Chapter 12: The Ridge of Obscurity
Chapter 13: Eight Arms, One Horn
Chapter 14: The Worth of The Risk
Chapter 15: The Path to The Great Dragon
Chapter 16: Beneath the Lava
Chapter 17: Stir of the Thunderstorm
Chapter 18: Eralynn The Warrior

Stir of The Thunderstorm


Once, long ago, before the Pokemon world was as it is today, there was an everlasting conflict between two forces. Back in that day, Pokemon was not about battling for fun, but battling for life. There was no Pokemon League, there were no gyms, and there were no Pokemon Centers, where Pokemon could immediately and easily be healed. The three known regions were but land of the vast world, and were not yet distinguished as Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn.

Pokemon of that age were considered to be warriors, but also friends, who helped fight alongside their human companions. They were trained as soldiers, not as pets that could be used to battle for fun. No, these battles were far from amusing. There were always casualties, and although the fights were not frequent, they always left destruction among all the people of Earth.

The conflict arose when an evil group came out from hiding. Team Devastation was made up of those who believed that Pokemon were only machines, meant solely for the purpose of gaining power. They would stop at nothing to obtain strong Pokemon, and they wouldn’t hesitate to attack the cities that were in peace. The people that wanted serenity, however, were forced to fight back in order to defend their land from being controlled by Team Devastation. Eventually, they were pushed to fight against their will too much, and they no longer desired peace. They grew to understand that the only way to survive was to destroy this force once and for all. However, as the people of the darkness gained more and more power from their Pokemon, they became more of a threat to the defending cities. Thus, those who aimed to defeat Team Devastation would have to endure much pain and suffering.

The great city of Derelon did just that. Many of this city fought well, and many died. However, some fought differently than those in battle, and did more good than any others could ever hope to do. This is their tale.
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